“We connect car buyers with car sellers.”

Welcome to TT Auto Trader

Theóstaltos Media Group has launched this product to be the most efficient and effective digital automotive marketplace in Trinidad and Tobago and the eventually the Caribbean.

We live in a world that is digitally connected like never before. You can buy shoes, clothes, books, even food online; and now buyers are embracing the internet to help them make the important decision of purchasing a vehicle.

Whether you’re a personal seller, used car dealer, foreign-used car dealer, or new car dealer, TT Auto Trader is the is best platform to have your vehicle(s) sold quickly and easily. For buyers, our powerful and detailed platform makes it easy to find the right vehicle. Find exactly what you’re looking for as we list all manner of vehicles, from Sedans and SUV’s, to Boats, to ATV’s, to Heavy Equipment and Motorbikes.

Search: Simple. Powerful.

Our intuitive platform was built to be easy to use for anyone searching for a new / used vehicle in Trinidad & Tobago.
Buyers can input simple search terms such as “Lady driven“, “Mint Condition“, “Luxury Vehicle“, “One Owner” and get instant results. Or, they can use our powerful and detailed search tool to whittle down their selection to include details such as Mileage, Price, Age, Fuel Type, Transmission type, or even Vehicle Colours.


Compare Vehicles

A working first from TT Auto Trader, Compare vehicles online!. Buyers can compare up to three (3) vehicles side by side to make their choice even easier and faster.


Dealer Friendly

We help new / used car dealers not only build their brands, but also both sell and buy vehicles with ease.
Buy: Local used dealers / retailers can find a great deal which in turn will help them make money.
Sell: Sell your cars quickly and easily with the simplest and most intuitive platform available creating universal ease-of-use for all buyers.
View all new / used car dealers, or List your new / used car dealership with TT Auto Trader


Theóstaltos Media Group is a professional digital marketing company that is driven to ensure that each of our customer’s businesses achieve success within their various industries, aided by our digital platforms.
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Client-centric


We thank you for choosing TT Auto Trader and do look forward to serving you, our valued users and customers, for many years to come. 

Bernard E. (General Manager)